Google’s Mobilegeddon: Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Site

Google’s Mobilegeddon: Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Site

Google recently announced a massive overhaul in its search result algorithm—one that threatened to put as many as 40% of websites to pasture in its popularly dubbed “Mobilegeddon.”

So what exactly was the so-called Mobilegeddon? Think of it like this: if a company site isn’t optimized for mobile, it would have a lower Google ranking, and would therefore appear further down the page on search results.


Think about the site, which is (among many other things), a leather women’s boot retailer. Their site is mobile-optimized, so shopping on a phone or another mobile device is easy. When a potential buyer  makes the search for “leather women’s boots”, is the first result that appears, even beating out Macy’s. Macy’s site is also mobile-friendly, though the company’s strongest mobile e-commerce platform would be their free app.

Algorithm changes can be nasty. Many businesses rely heavily on Google to send traffic to their websites. Google controls two-thirds of the U.S. search market, and when Google changes its code, companies have to scramble to relearn how to optimize their sites for Google’s search. – Source: CNN Money

The Cost of Mobilegeddon

While it’s still early days with the updated Google algorithm, having a mobile friendly site is still imperative, no matter exactly how the update with pan out on the mobile scene. The rise of online mobile search results, and the increase of people shopping on their mobile devices means a huge potential for businesses to make their mark by having a mobile friendly site.

Source: Statista

Source: Statista

Google is a business too, and it wants its search results to be as accurate as possible for any user making an inquiry. Nothing is more frustrating than searching for something and landing on a low-quality site that’s not designed for the screen you’re viewing it on, with irrelevant information, outdated designs, or links and videos that no longer work. Providing fresh, organic and relevant content on a page that looks good on all mobile devices is sure to help any business accrue more customers, and future possibilities.

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